Rides marked with the CROC emblem allow adults/guardians (persons over the age of 15 years) to accompany a child on the ride free of charge. Adults and guardians do not require a Funband when accompanying a child. The child must have a Funband.

Some rides have a height, and or a weight restriction excluding adults/guardians from these rides.


Permission must be obtained prior to photographing in the Park. Permission can be obtained from the Park's Contact Person/ Duty Officer, who can assess the suitability of the camera and the security of its mounting or harnessing.

Due to the nature of the rides, (for example, the Junker, Pegasus, Booster, Cobra) which spin the passengers upside down, the suitability of the camera and its mounting- or harnessing must be assessed prior to granting permission to use the camera in the park. Cellular phones and regular cameras are not permitted on the rides. All cameras must have a secure fastening system, such as helmet mounted, or a a secure harness. Gro-Pro, helmet or harness type cameras may be allowed. Permission must be obtained. PowerPark is not responsible for any damage incurred to cameras or other devices.

PowerPark is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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Charges for 010 calls:
- 8,35 cents/call + 6,00 cents/min ( alv tax 24%) (land line)
- 8,35 cents/call + 17,17 cents/min (alv tax 24%) (mobile phone)
- international calls charged according the rates of your local provider

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