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Canyon Steak House

Are you suddenly hungry for a steak? You have come to the right place. If you are in the mood for an excellent steak, proper burger mealor a large salad, the restaurant for you is Canyon Steak House!

Canyon Steak House is perfect for escaping the summer heat and centrally located between the Ghost Train and the Ferris Wheel. This relaxed Wild West Steak House has plenty of booths and an atmospheric Wild West decor. Canyon’s magnificent covered terrace guarantees enjoyable dining even on the hottest summer day. 

The menu includes mouth-watering steaks, top-class burger meals, large salads and favourite dishes for small children. The restaurant is a sit-down restaurant with table service. Welcome to enjoy a steak or burger in the heart of the amusement park!

Canyon Steak House today: Closed Next time open 3.6. at 12:00–17:30