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Junker, the crown jewel of rollercoasters and king of the amusement kingdom, won’t leave anyone wanting for thrills and spills, no matter how reckless the roller coaster riders be!

The Junker is the most hair-raising rollercoaster in Northern Europe. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/hour in only 1.9 seconds. That makes it faster than a F1 car, which needs at least 2 seconds to achieve the same speed. 

After acceleration, the Junker takes its passengers on a gravity defying vertical climb up to 40 metres above the flatlands of Southern Ostrobothnia. Upon reaching its pinnacle, the rollercoaster dives down at a speed of 100 km per through a few loops and a pond underneath the track, then inside an underground tunnel and back up again. This high-speed track is 860 metres long, and at most, the rollercoaster boasts a force of 4.5G. 

The ultimate thrill of Junker’s 4.5G’s of power is a tunnel that takes the riders underneath a pond. After passing through the tunnel under the pond at top speed, the Junker returns to daylight making loops and twists in several directions. The grand finale is the jolting stop at the end of the ride with the help of powerful magnets. 

Like we said, Junker will not leave anyone wanting for more thrills and spills. 

Please rest your head against the headrest upon acceleration.

Height requirement: 130 cm and over 10 years of age. 8–10-year-olds who are over 130cm must be accompanied by an adult (+15 years).

All riders must have their own ticket or Funband.

Accessibility: There is a steep ramp at the entrance and stairs by the exit. You need to climb onto the ride.

Not recommended for people with cardiovascular or musculoskeletal disorders, back problems, high blood pressure or if you are pregnant.