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Mini 12

A delightful swing carousel for the little ones!

This ride is a small version of the chain carousel. The Mini 12 spins you smoothly in a circle over and over again while you are sitting safely in a swing chair. The carousel is a wonderful experience for little adventurers, and for many, it is a captivating first encounter with amusement park rides.

Height limit: Maximum of 120 cm. 30 kg.

This is a CROC marked ride!

A guardian (15 years or older) can accompany a young child on the rides marked with the CROC emblem free of charge. The child must have a Funband or a single ticket. However, some rides for young children have height and weight restrictions that may prevent a guardian from accessing the ride. 
Children under the age of 2 also have free admission to the amusement park and its rides, subject to ride-specific safety restrictions, if their guardian has a Funband or a single ticket.