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School Outings

Goodbye school books, it’s time to eat burgers and have fun! The funniest school day of the year is celebrated at PowerPark!

PowerPark opens its doors for school groups on five days in spring 2024! We offer the wristband for school outing groups at 35 €/wristband. We offer wristbands 32€/wristband for the end of January for the bookings made and paid directly via webshop. The school outing prices are the same regardless of the wrist measurement of the visitor, so that it is easier to book the wristbands. The school outing prices are only valid when the wristbands are purchased or booked in advance. School groups can easily purchase the wristbands from the online store and the wristbands will be mailed to the school group or they can be picked up from PowerPark’s pickup point. Teachers and other accompanying adults are taken into account by offering every 16th wristband and meal voucher free of charge (Please note that we will add the free wristbands and meal vouchers to the order automatically afterwards. For example, if you need 20 wristbands and meal vouchers, order only 19)

The amusement park is open for school groups between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the following days: 


School groups can have a meal using the 12,50€ meal voucher in the Skaala restaurant (upstairs and downstairs), Snack Shop, Sibylla and Poco Loco. When planning the schedule for the day, please remember that the busiest lunch time is between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. 

All restaurants are located inside the amusement park (see the map). Please note that all the restaurants serve different kind of food, see below. Possible food allergies can be taken into account in the Skaala restaurant (upstairs and downstairs). 

Meal vouchers are valid during the season 2024. During the school outing, you can choose one of the following meal alternatives.

  • Skaala Restaurant
  • Upstairssalad buffet, spaghetti (lactose-free), Bolognese sauce (lactose and gluten-free), chicken spinach lasagna (lactose-free), gluten-free pasta (requested from the kitchen), Ratatouille vegetables (requested from the kitchen), soft drink, milk, water.
  • Downstairsbasic burger meal or cheese burger meal (lactose-free), vegan and gluten-free versions available Includes 0.4 l soft drink from the tap, French fries and a burger.
  • Snack Shop: sausage potatoes and 0.5 l soft drink in a bottle or 0.5 l milk (milk and gluten-free).
  • Sibylla: a hotdog, French fries, dip sauce and 0.4 l soft drink from the tap (milk-free).
  • Poco Loco: Salad buffet (lactose and gluten-free), Fajitas minced meat (milk and gluten-free), Crispy chicken (milk-free), French fries (milk and gluten-free), taco cups, tortillas, nachos (milk-free), soft drink, milk, water (lactose and gluten-free).  


Go to the online store via the day-specific links above, and the school outing day is automatically selected. Fill in the desired number of wristbands and click “Search”. This will open two different products. If you want to pay for your order immediately online or with a credit card in advance, select the product School outing wristbands advance payment in the online store. If you wish to pay with an invoice in advance or pay in the amusement park, select the product School outing wristbands. Select the payment method that you want in the order to be invoiced in advance or afterwards.

Once you have decided the desired payment method, move forward by clicking the “Book” button. Then, you can select the meal vouchers at price 12,50€/person for your order. Select the number of meal vouchers for your order from the dropdown menu and click the “Continue” button. If the ordered products in the shopping cart are correct, you can finalise your order in the “Proceed to order” section. Then, fill in the required contact information for the order and enter comments and wishes in the field (e.g. advance invoice or other information to be considered). 

After filling in the contact information, you can see a summary of the order. If everything is correct, click “Confirm the order”, and the order will be saved in our system. If you chose the advance payment option, you can enter the desired payment method and proceed to pay for the order. 

All school outing orders paid in advance are mailed directly to the school. In this way, school groups can save time and distribute the wristbands and meal vouchers in advance, for example in the bus, and the group can start the amusement park day in PowerPark immediately after arrival. 

If you wish to pay for your order on the school outing day, go to the school outing wristband point at the Palace Areena. You can see the location of the wristband point on the map. In the wristband point, you can pay for your order with a payment card or in cash. When paying with cash, please note that you have to pay for everything at once. 


It is recommended to bring a printout of the order confirmation for your school outing day, as it contains useful instructions for a successful amusement park day as well as a map showing the restaurants for the day and their meal options.  

School outing products purchased online have a 14-day right of return. After the right of return has expired, we will not refund the purchased products or exchange them for other products. Wristbands and meal vouchers that have not been used, for example due to an illness, can be used later in the season 2024 (e.g. on the summer holiday). NOTE! Unused wristbands must be changed into a separate experience voucher at the amusement park’s service point on the school outing day. 

Welcome to spend the best day of school – in PowerPark! 

For more information, contact the Sales & Marketing department, tel. +358 (0)10 3477 600 or