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Mini Monza

NEW! Mini Monza is a smaller version of the classic Bumper Cars. There are little quad bikes and cars zooming around, perfect for even the tiniest racers to practice their driving skills!

In addition to the regular Bumper Cars track, PowerPark is the only amusement park in Finland with a track for the littlest members of the family. 

The cars on the Mini Monza track are half the size of the regular Bumper Cars and they go slower than in the bigger version of the track. There are also quad bikes on the Mini Monza track, big enough for an adult and a child to ride together. 

Bumping other cars from the front side is allowed, but driving into a stationary bumper car is prohibited.

Height restriction: car 90–140 cm, ATV over 120 cm.

The attraction is not recommended for individuals with heart or cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, back issues, musculoskeletal or orthopedic disorders, fractures, sprains, or other significant injuries, or if the individual is pregnant.