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Are you organizing a party or a bigger event? Here you will find facilities for intimate family celebrations and massive fairs – and of course everything in between! You can also go crazy and book the amusement park for private use!

Palace Areena – Enjoyment and benefit under the same roof

Palace Areena is a large venue for concerts, company and sport events and training. Events of up to 9,000 people can be arranged in the Palace Areena.

In the Palace Areena, a total of 8,500 m2 is available to fair and event organisers, of which the karting track takes 3,500 m2. The required space can also be bordered by fabric partitions, which ensures the best possible space for the planned visitor number.

The outer dimensions of the Palace Areena: length 150 m and width 70 m. The Palace Areena sized of one hectare is located at the heart of PowerPark. Height of the Areena is 14 m and 7 m at the edges of the roof. Fixing points are at an interval of 6 m in the longitudinal direction in the roof columns running across the hall.

The superior acoustics of the Areena enables the organisation of concerts and other events. The indoor karting track of PowerPark, which can also be used for different events, is located inside the Palace Areena. There is also lots of free parking space in the area (e.g. for 1,500 cars in the amusement park area) and a separate parking space for buses.

The Palace Areena can be rented by clubs, associations, companies and private persons. A full-sized volleyball court 18 x 9 m and/or basketball court 28 x 15 m with flexible parquet floor is also available for rent. The ceiling height above the court is 14 m, and there is adjustable 1,500 lux lighting. The court is bordered at both ends with a ball net.

For more information, contact our Sales & Marketing department (0)10 347 7600 or come and visit the spaces. We can customise a solution that suits your needs. PowerPark: 160 hectares of combined pleasure and benefit.

Park Hotel Härmä – creating unique events

The fabulous milieu of the Park Hotel Härmä restaurant provides an excellent venue for parties and events. Celebrate birthdays, special days, weddings or family reunions with delicious food. The festive hall downstairs has enough room for 100 people and the second floor of the restaurant has another 80 customer seats. Please contact us and we will tailor a special event together with you. PowerPark provides a wide range of party menus and customised cakes and pastries from PowerPark’s own Bakery Voilá.

Unobstructed entrance to the downstairs of the restaurant.

The restaurant operates as a restaurant for private events during the autumn and winter seasons. Book Park Hotel for your group from our Sales & Marketing department, tel. +358 (0)10 347 7600 or by email at info(at)


KurviKievari is located at PowerPark’s new racetrack in the Power Drome multi-purpose area. The new and impressive facilities are suitable for weddings, birthdays, parties and different events for 150 people. In the summer season, there is also a 140-seat furnished terrace. The premises are rented as private premises at price 600 €/day, which means that the customers may bring their own beverages for the parties.  We also rent the premises for meetings fully catered and organised by PowerPark. KurviKievari has plenty of parking spaces and unobstructed access. PowerPark provides a wide range of party menus and customised cakes and pastries from PowerPark’s own Bakery Voilá.

Power Drome multi-purpose area – a modern event venue

The newest and most modern racetrack in Finland provides a beautiful festival venue for outdoor events. The four hectares of the Power Drome multi-purpose area is paved with asphalt and has plenty of different sand and green areas.

The track area of the Power Drome has state-of-art lighting. The wireless sound system covers the entire area.

During the events, restaurant services are available and a stylish 150-seat private restaurant KurviKievari serves in the area. KurviKievari has also a 140-seat summer terrace. KurviKievari can also be booked for parties and events at the price of 600 €/day.

The 670 m2 event tent in the area can be used for dining and performances.

There is plenty of parking spaces in the Power Drome area. Bus transport to PowerPark amusement park (5 min.) is also available. The three-day PowerPark Midsummer Festival, trotting races and showjumping events, for example, are organised in the Power Drome multi-purpose area.

The event area is especially suitable for vehicle and work machine presentations, animal events and sporty outdoor events.

For more information, contact the Sales & Marketing department! or +358 (0)10 3477 600 . Or come and visit the site. We can customise a solution that suits your needs.