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Park Hotel Härmä Restaurant

An intimate à la carte restaurant offering delicious food and professional service for an enjoyable restaurant evening or a tasty lunch.

Park Hotel Härmä Restaurant is a classy, top-class à la carte restaurant with an old-time charm. In this atmospheric restaurant, you can enjoy a three-course meal with wine from our high-class menu of tasty appetisers, marvelous main courses and delicious deserts as well as quality wines and beers. Our menu is full of international flavours and Finnish specialties – prepared to perfection.

A party or event approaching? We help you arrange memorable events and group events!

The fabulous ambience of Park Hotel Härmä’s restaurant is suitable for organizing various parties and events. Spend a birthday, anniversary, wedding or family celebration with good food. The impressive downstairs hall can accommodate about 100 people and there are an additional 80 seats on the second floor of the restaurant. Contact us, let’s plan a personal party together! PowerPark offers a variety of menus for parties, as well as custom cakes and pastries from its own bakery Voilá. 

During the autumn and winter season, we are open upon request for groups. Book a Park Hotel for your group from our sales service on 010 3477 600 or

Park Hotel Härmä Restaurant today: Closed

Restaurant menu


Summer’s fresh strawberry salad (L,G) 10,90 €
Rucola salad mix, marinated tomato-red onion, roasted seeds, sweet drops, bread cheese, Alavus basil oil.

Chanterelle soup (L) also (G) 9,50 €
Creamy chanterelle mushroom soup, pickled chanterelles, toasted bread.

Garlic escargots (L) also (G) 10,50 €
Escargots fried in garlic butter and glazed with parmesan cheese, toasted bread.

Park Hotel Härmä’s tapas plate (L) also (G) 15,00 € to share 29,00 €
Warm smoked salmon, pickled cucumber, Roslund roast beef, brandy-nut cheese, bread cheese, strawberry, fig, sea buckthorn jelly, red onion-cumberland, fig balsamic, Panealba-breadsticks.

Kids menu

Chicken basket (M,G) 10,90 €
3 breaded chicken tenderloins, potato planks, watermelon,
cherry tomatoes, ketchup and mayonnaise.

Meatballs with cream sauce (L,G) 8,90 €
5 meatballs, cream sauce, mashed potatoes, watermelon, cherry tomatoes.

Smoked salmon (L,G) 13,50 €
75g smoked salmon, mashed potatoes, melted butter, watermelon, cherry tomatoes.

Burger (L) 10,90 €
75 g hamburger steak, cream cheese slice, mayonnaise, lettuce, potato planks, ketchup, watermelon, cherry tomatoes


Banana split (LL,G) 9,50 €
Banana, chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, salty caramel, strawberry jam, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles.

Cheesecake (LL) 8,50 €
90g cheesecake, strawberry melba, fresh strawberries.

White chocolate lime sorbet (G) 8,50 €
Lime-flavored creamy white chocolate sorbet, white chocolate, carambola, cranberries.

Ice cream (LL,G) 8,50 €
old school vanilla / old school chocolate / strawberry sorbet (M,G),salty caramel, whipped cream, fresh strawberries, chocolate sprinkles.

Main Courses

Summer’s fresh strawberry salad with chicken (L,G) 18,90 € or warm smoked salmon (L,G) 22,90 €
Rucola salad mix, marinated tomato-red onion, roasted seeds, sweet drops, bread cheese, Alavus basil oil, broiled chicken 140g or warm smoked salmon 150g.

Chicken-vegetable skewers (L,G) 17,50 €
150g chicken tenderloin, courgette, paprika, fresh pineapple, parmesan risotto, mango chutney.

Courgette lasagna (L,G) 15,50 €
Roasted courgette, tomato bean sauce, brandy-nut cheese sauce.

Park Hotel Härmä’s warm smoked salmon (L,G) 32,00 €
150g warm smoked salmon, chanterelle risotto, asparagus parmesan bake, roasted mini broccoli, Alavus lemon oil, red onion jam.

Fried arctic char (L,G) 27,00 €
Fried arctic char, tomato salsa, cream potatoes, asparagus parmesan bake, roasted mini broccoli.

Garlic bull (L,G) 28,50 €
160g Atria tender sirloin steak, garlic cream potatoes, dark garlic sauce, thyme root vegetables.

Bull black & white (L,G) 39,00 €
160g Atria beef tenderloin, potato gratin, red wine sauce, bearnaise sauce, thyme root vegetables.

Whisky pork (L) 19,50 €
160g Atria pork sirloin steak, Jack Daniels -whisky sauce, onion rings, parmesan potato planks, thyme root vegetables.

Chicken burger (L) 19,50 €
140 g chicken filet, brioche bun, roasted bread cheese, sea buckthorn mayonnaise, potato planks, salad mix, marinated tomato red onion, pickles.

Veggie burger (L) 17,50 €
140g beetroot steak, brioche bun, roasted halloumi cheese, sea buckthorn mayonnaise, parmesan potato planks, salad mix, marinated tomato red onion, pickles.

Park Hotel Härmä Burger (L) 24,00 €
150g Roslund ground beef steak, brioche bun, pickles, mildly smoked overcooked beef (bull), brandy-nut cheese sauce, onion rings, chili mayonnaise, parmesan potato planks, salad mix, marinated tomato red onion, pickles.

L = Lactose free, LL = Low lactose, G = Gluten free, M = Milk free, *possible to make gluten free, Mu = includes eggs, fish = includes fish or other seafood.

Contact staff for more information on the ingredients that can cause allergies and intolerances.