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We offer a unique driving simulator experience in the Palace Arena.

For those interested in E-sports, we can offer a unique driving simulator experience. In collaboration with SCSR PRO, we now have a racing simulator in the Palace Areena during the summer. The simulator is next to the cinema and can be rented during the cinema’s opening hours. The simulator is a so-called Force Feedback Motion Simulator where both the steering wheel and the seat provide the driver with information about the car’s movements and the profile of the racing track. Six powerful servo motors provide an experience that is hard to tear yourself away from, you feel every gear shift and braking, you can drive over the curbs and feel how the suspension works and you also feel when the tires lose grip, you have the opportunity to parry a slip and keep the car on the track.

Renting the simulator is easy. You first select a driving time, and then pay with a credit card or mobile application. After a few seconds, the door opens automatically, you step in, and then follow the instructions on the large screen in front of the driver. The simulator is suitable for both larger and smaller drivers, but due to the Force Feedback forces, it is recommended that the driver is an adult over 16 years of age.

Prices: 1€/min, you can choose from 10€, 20€, 30€, a whole hour costs only 50€.