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Fast food and restaurants

PowerPark’s restaurant world offers options from fast food to fancy dinners. What would be your cup of tea– a chef, a waiter, or something in between?

Fast food worker

Are you a cheerful team player who enjoys being in a constantly buzzing environment? As a fast food worker, you either work in the kitchen preparing fast food or in customer service as a cashier. You make sure that the customer’s dining experience is quick and easy. You also take care of the cleanliness of customer and kitchen areas. You need to have a hygiene certificate, but you can also complete it when starting the job. Fast food workers are employed in various places, including burger restaurants, pizza buffets, and various fast-food kiosks.


As a server, you will work in customer service roles in our diverse restaurants. You will sell and serve food and drinks with a cheerful attitude and a smile that won’t fade even in busy times. You may already be a seasoned veteran of the industry or a newcomer to the restaurant business with a social, service-minded personality and a willingness to learn new things. You are a team player and enjoy being around people. The job requires diligence, flexibility and, preferably, fluency in English and/or Swedish. Having an alcohol passport and hygiene certificate is a plus, but you can also complete them with us when starting the job. We are looking for à la carte, lunch, and breakfast servers.

Restaurant Chef

As a chef, you work in various restaurants in our area. You can either be a seasoned professional in the field or a student at the beginning of your career. High-quality and tasty food is close to your heart, and you want to delight customers with delicious dishes even in the midst of a busy environment. You are able to work under pressure, are organized and have a tidy and efficient working style. In addition to food preparation, you are proficient in food safety and waste management. We are looking for chefs for à la carte, lunch, and event restaurants. Some of our restaurants operate year-round, so it is possible to become a full-time employee after the summer.

Breakfast attendant

As a breakfast attendant, your job includes preparing, setting up, and serving the hotel breakfast at Park Hotel Härmä’s restaurant. The job is suitable for an early riser with a cheerful demeanor who wants to brighten the start of each customer’s day. The work is busy and requires a systematic approach. If you wish, you can continue your workday in other restaurants in our area after the breakfast shift.