Funland in Finland PowerPark is the best entertainment centre in Finland!

Funland in Finland PowerPark

1 amusement park

41 rides

6 roller coasters

1 Rölli troll

2 Go Kart tracks

6 Islandic horses

1 Grocery store

2 camping sites

15 ways to sleep well

8 restaurants

5 cafées

1 shopping centre

1 bakery

1 horse race track

1 cinema

PowerPark is the Travel Business Enterprise 2015 in Finland

 " In the middle of the mythical plains of Finnish Ostrobothnia stands the extraordinary PowerPark, one of the biggest stars in the travel business. Here, local entrepreneurship has made unbelievable visions come true.


One man stands behind Funland in Finland, Jorma Lillbacka. The area started to evolve from the visions that Lillbacka got during his trips around the world, and became a world of excitement in Alahärma, in the middle of the fields in Southern Ostrobothnia.

As a result of the enduring work and massive private investments from Lillbacka and his family enterprise, PowerPark today offers 160 hectares (395 acres) of fun, thrills and activities for 400 000-450 000 yearly visitors of all ages.”


Media  and PR director Jari Ahjoharju, Visit Finland

”PowerPark is a world of fantasy for visitors of all ages. It is impressive how the dream of one visionary man of ideas has swiftly  grown into one of the most appreciated leisure centers in Finland. The amusement park, which was founded as recently as 2002, has in a short span of time become a challenger to the two traditional amusement parks in Helsinki and Tampere.

Funland in Finland is an important employer in Southern Ostrobothnia and hires more than 400 seasonal workers each summer. The park also stands out as an employer of senior citizens for various positions. Last year the oldest employee was 71 years old. PowerParks influences the travel business in the entire region and adds singnificantly to the total revenue related to tourism in the region.”

Pirjo Puukka, Head of Tourism, Tredea Ltd


 ”We are honoured to be awarded as the domestic enterprise of the year in the travel business. This prize proves that we take the business of having fun very seriously. In 2014 PowerPark was awarded for the third time as the best leisure centre in Finland and we also opened a new shopping and restaurant centre along the road that leads our guests here. At the same time we realised that the word ”park” had become too small. Funland in Finland was born. The most fun place in the entire country, which generates fun-being for kids of all ages – with their families and friends. Our work of development will never end and our imagination is the only limit to what can be achieved.”


COO Mikko Kiviluoma, Funland in Finland PowerPark

The domestic enterprise of the year in the travel business is awarded during the tourism fair in Tampere. The prize can be awarded based e.g. on strong performance, innovativity or great publicity.

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