The best place for events: gigs, concerts and of course our legendary midsummer party!

Power Truck Show and Rock Night, open for all Go Kart Grand Prix, meetings for car clubs, car racing, our legendary midsummer party, the season opening and closing of our amusement park… PowerPark is full with action the entire year. In addition to yearly events you will also find gigs and concerts below:


6.6. Amusement Park Opening Festival


17.7. PowerPark-trottning event


28.8. - 31.8. PowerPark Horse Show


5.9. Amusement Park Closing Festival
5.9. PowerPark-trottning event
18.9. PowerPark-trottning event


Christmas parties!

PowerPark Funland

Puistotie 3, 62300 HÄRMÄ
p. +358 10 3477 600

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