Storyland is a wonderous "Imagine Nation" with marvellous things to see and experience, a home to trolls and pixies, and is sure to please the smallest family members. This "Imagine Nation" provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of the amusement park. Storyland "Imagine Nation" is located behind the wooden rollercoaster, the Thunderbird, hidden beneath the forest canopy.

A river flows through the troll village "Imagine Nation," a spinning propeller whirs on the top of a thatched roof and a catapult is ready for action on the peak of a thatched roof. The trolls scurry about and try to scare passersbys away from their homes.

Come and meet the trolls up close, shake hands! Enjoy the troll movies ,"Heart of the Troll, Rolly Trolly." Rolly, Milli the Pixie and the other villagers are available to the public daily, on the hour. (PowerPark reserves the right to make changes in the schedule.)

The troll village, Imagine Nation, is based on the popular children's animated movie "The Heart of the Troll." Imagine Nation has been designed in cooperation with Matila and Röhr Productions. The movie "The Troll and the Golden Key" was made on location in Imagine Nation Troll Village.

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