To optimise customer satisfaction website visitor and user information is gathered and stored. The information is used in the following manner:

  • Number of visits to the site for statistics and marketing research (Google Analytics). The information obtained is shared with third parties such as Facebook
  • To target marketing (Facebook-pixel)
  • To optimise the web pages (for example: optimizing the loading time of the sites)

Third parties such as Facebook may use cookies to gather information to customise and target advertising and marketing. Facebook Pixel analysis optimizes targeted advertising to reach interested consumers.

Facebook, Google Analytics and Google AdWords information are made available to collaborative parties responsible for marketing and advertising, according to specific contract agreements. The information gathered by subcontractors is protected by contract agreements and is solely for the use designated by Lillbacka Powerco Oy, and the information gathered will not be forwarded to other companies or used for purposes other than specified in the contract.

By continuing on the website you agree to the terms and conditions allowing the gathering, usage and sharing of information by Lillbacka Powerco Oy, according to the terms specified. You may choose to limit access to information gathered by the EDAA-tool/option. You can limit the access and usage of personal information by customising the settings of the cookie manager, disabling the cookies by going to the "Help" section and following the instructions given. Please note: disabling the usage of cookies may cause the website to load slower, or not at all.

For further information regarding PowerPark's policy on the gathering and use of information collected, or for sales and services contact:

Lillbacka Powerco Oy
Kivihuhdantie 34
62300 Härmä


Current information on internet privacy, safety tips and other relavant information regarding privacy and safe web practices is available at:

PowerPark Funland

Puistotie 3, 62300 HÄRMÄ
p. +358 10 3477 600

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Charges for 010 calls:
- 8,35 cents/call + 6,00 cents/min ( alv tax 24%) (land line)
- 8,35 cents/call + 17,17 cents/min (alv tax 24%) (mobile phone)
- international calls charged according the rates of your local provider

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