It is a great pleasure for PowerPark to host the historical karting world championship race in September from 5th to 8th 2019. PowerPark has a great track and surroundings to host the event. The race is named Flying Finn Race and it brings the best karting drivers to Alahärmä. During the race PowerPark offers a great number of attractions and experiences. PowerPark welcomes all the drivers, team members and spectators to Alahärmä in September!

To honour the Flying Finn Race PowerPark hosts the legendary amusement park closing festival on Saturday 7th of September bigger than ever before.

We will gather all the relevant information about the event here, so that your time in PowerPark and Flying Finn Race would be as convinient and versatile as possible.


PowerPark Circuit


61km from Seinäjoki
GPS: 63°13´39.79´´ N / 22°51´24.17´´ E

Track Information

Length: 1200 m
Width8 m

PowerPark Outdoor Track, Jorma Lillbackantie 1, 62300 HÄRMÄ, Finland
Tel: +358 10 347 76 00
Web: www.powerpark.fi
E-mail: info@powerpark.fi

Organizer of the event

AKK-Sport Oy, Kellokukantie 7, 01301 VANTAA, Finland
Web: www.autourheilu.fi / www.flyingfinn.fi

Flying Finn Race


Airports: Seinäjoki (70 km), Vaasa (83 km), Kokkola (81 km), Helsinki (411 km).

Train stations: Kauhava (22 km), Seinäjoki (60 km).


Park Hotel Härmä (0 km)
Tel: +358 103 477 600
E-mail: info@powerpark.fi

Härmän Kylpylä (9 km)
Tel: +358 64 831 111
E-mail: myynti@harmankuntokeskus.fi

Hotelli Mantylinna (12 km)
Tel: +358 44 510 6161
Web: www.mantylinna.fi

LentoHotelli, Kauhava (25 km)
Tel: +358 504 637 515
E-mail: info@lentohotelli.fi

Hotelli Kauhava Oy, Kauhava (25 km)
Tel: +358 64 348 700
E-mail: myynti@hotellikauhava.fi

Hotelli Lapuahovi, Lapua (35 km)
Tel: +358 64 337 300
Email: varaukset@lapuahovi.fi

Hotelli Kivitippu (53 km)
Tel: +358 44 791 0470
Email: myynti@kivitippu.fi

Kuortaneen Urheiluopisto (70 km)
Tel: +358 65 166 111
Email: reception@kuortane.com


Camping Green Field, Camping Rio Grande, PowerPark (0 km)
Tel: +358 10 3477 600
E-mail: info@powerpark.fi


Information for accommodation

PowerPark's own accommodation is already fully booked during the Flying Finn Race excluding the camping sites, which have free spots. Please contant our sales fast before they are sold out!

Reservation during the Flying Finn Race is binding. Accommodation will be deducted from your credit card when making the reservation. Minimum time to book accommodation is for four days.

Reservation can be cancelled without fees 14 days before the accommodation should start. If you cancel after this time your fees will be: cancellation between 13-7 days before the accommodation, 50% of the full amount of the reservation including taxes , cancellation less than 7 days before: 100% off the full amount including taxes.

If you are staying at the Park Hotel Härmä you will get a free parking permit when checking in. Check-in location will be informed at this page closer to the event. Check-in starting from 2 pm and check-out until 12 am

If you have any questions or changes in your reservation, please dont hesitate to contact us at our sales +358 10 3477600 or info@powerpark.fi.
CHECK POWERPARK accommodation here
Booking for time during the Flying Finn Race can only be done via our sales services at +358 10 3477 600 or info@powerpark.fi.

General information about the event

Flying Finn Race tickets
Entrance to the Karting event is free of charge.

Amusement Park Closing Festival 7th of September
The legendary amusement park closing festival will be celebrated on Saturday 7th of September. to honour the Flying Finn Race. Amusement Park is open from 3 pm until 11 pm. The day is filled with speed on track, great atmosphere at the amusement park and spectacular fireworks. The event highlights to the parties organized at the Power Palace.

PowerPark Funland

Puistotie 3, 62300 HÄRMÄ
p. +358 10 3477 600


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