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Thunderbird is the heart of PowerPark. This wooden roller coaster had its premiere 2006 and it has been named one of the best in the world! Try it and you will understand!

Thunderbird is designed and built by American Great Coasters International (GCI), specialised in wooden roller coasters. Thunderbird is equipped with the latest technique and that is why the experience is completely different - smooth and comfortable - compared to older wooden roller coasters.

The high speed chase begins slowly. The train climbs up to 30 meters. Then the train rips through a seemingly endless amount of high speed hills and sharply banked turns. This 1 km long ride is powerful but smooth. The top speed is almost 100 km/h. You really can feel weightless.

Belt yourself into your seat and get set to hit the wooden rails. This is a 'must' for all roller coaster fans.

During the last few years Thunderbird has been one of the most popular rides in Finland. Without any doubts Thunderbird is number one at PowerPark as well!

Welcome to test the northernmost wooden roller coaster in the world!
Size limit: min. 130 cm

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